Join us as we delve into the possibilities that are presented by the native ingredients of our region.

Pouring from 12 Taps (10 - 11 standard and rotating ales and 1 occasional limited release/specialty ale).

As a New York State Farm brewery we are currently using 70% or above the 20% NYS grown ingredient requirement. 


Serving Options:

Tastings -    $7.00 Bob's Your Uncle (Full tasting of all standard ales on tap)

                     $4.00 - 5 Standard ales (.75 for each additional)

By The Glass -     Pint $5 and 1/2 Pint $3.50 (limited/special release price varies)

Growlers -    32oz $13 refill $7 - 64oz $20 refill $14



Now On Tap

*NYS (New York State grown ingredients) 

Summer Blues – Wheat Ale 

Classic German style wheat made with NYS wheat and hops. Banana and clove derived from the yeast form the flavor profile. 

4.7% ABV  96% NYS


New Moon – Dark Wheat Ale

Dunkel weizen style with subtle roast and chocolate flavor along with traditional banana and clove derived from the yeast.

5.4% ABV   72% NYS 


The Crying Loon – Pale Ale Brewed

Brewed in the English style with just enough hops to balance the malt.

5.1% ABV   89% NYS   


Good Enough - India Pale Ale  

A pale ale brewed with Chinook, Cascade, and Willamette hops from NYS. 

6.8% ABV   90% NYS


 Fête– IPA  

Brewed with the following hop additions: Horizon for bittering, and Mt. Hood, Triple Pearl and Hallertau for flavor and aroma.

  7.7% ABV  80 IBUs  94% NYS


Old Antics– Amber Ale 

Light amber ale featuring Nugget and Cascade hops from the farms of our family and friends in Western New York.

5.2% ABV   87% NYS 


Floating Leaf – Brown Porter Ale

Light in body with hints of the flavors of dark chocolate and coffee from the roasted malts.

4.2% ABV   82% NYS


Garbage Pail Ale – American Brown Ale

 Based on our gold medal award winning homebrew recipe. Essentially a cupboard cleanout turned into a winning combination. 

6.6% ABV   77% NYS


  Answer It– Belgian Style Brown Ale

Our first taste of a Belgian brown ale was the calling to begin our brewing adventure, close to 17 years ago.

  6.3% ABV   75% NYS 


TC's Sugar Shack - Strong Ale

A rich, flavorful ale that artfully blends the tastes of our region, NYS Malt and NYS Hops with Maple Syrup from our friend just down the road.

6.6% ABV   77% NYS  


 Bee Side - Saison

This specialty ale is a sturdy saison brewed with buckwheat honey.

  8.0% ABV  

Seasonal Ales

(Not On Tap at this time)

  Our Daily Enkel – Belgian Style Ale  -  Malty amber-hued ale with just a touch of roast and dark sugar. Belgian yeast adds complexity without overpowering.  4.2% ABV

Wise Old Ale – Old Ale -  Malty light bodied ale with a background of molasses.  6.0% ABV

To Bee or Not To Bee That is The Saison - Honey Saison Ale - A dry saison with tantalizing tartness balanced by the blueberry honey from Hungry Bear Farms in Middlesex, NY. 7.8% ABV

Dreams of Christmas – Christmas Ale - Our traditional holiday ale brewed with NYS honey and seasonal spices. 5.0% ABV

 All - 4 - One – American Pale Ale

The newest version of our SMASH series, a session strength American style pale ale, all "Jacked"-up with 100% New York State grown Cascade hops and malt. 

The name "All-4-One" is meant to describe both the simplicity of the beer, one malt, one hop, yeast and water, and the relationship between farmers and farm brewers.

5.2% ABV   100% NYS 

So You're Wild - Oatmeal Stout Ale

Smooth tasty stout made with both malted and unmalted oats for a very drinkable brew.

5.1% ABV   77% NYS 

Unfinished Business – Scottish Style Ale

Session ale of export strength, malty biscuit flavor with a background of toffee and caramel, hops play a minor role in this one. This is our attempt to capture the complexities of our Scottish heritage.

4.7% ABV   84% NYS

Hyperdeliciousness – Chocolate Stout

  A milk stout so good it is beyond delicious.

5.0% ABV  68% NYS